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Thanks for your interest in my photos! I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy creating them. As some of you may already know, photography is not my real job, but it is my passion. I spend most of my working hours taking care of patients as an anesthetist at a local hospital. Photography is my way to unwind...it is my time to focus only on what I see through the camera and forget about all of life's stress. There is something so satisfying about capturing the beauty of one moment in time and sharing it with others. I have been taking photos for almost my whole life. I am completely self taught, learning through books, the internet and by trial and error. I shot mostly landscapes and nature until my son was born in 2012. I then discovered my love for newborn, child and family photography. I also love animals, so I'll gladly photograph your furry kids, too! Friends started asking me to photograph their families, so that's when Jill Gorman Photography was formed.   I have now  shifted my focus back to  nature photography, so I no longer schedule family photo sessions.     

Email me at jillgormanphotography@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a session.  Please include an evening phone number.